About Us

We’re an Indigenous-owned national management consultancy supporting Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. Our experienced team delivers advisory consulting services focused on Call to Action 92 and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples within each area of practice. We co-create and conduct activities and processes to advance Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion in the corporate, public and private sectors. 

We recognize the importance of Indigenous participation in Canada’s economy and acknowledge and accept the invitation from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to redress the legacy of Residential Schools and advance the progress of Reconciliation through participation in Call to Action 92.

Purpose, Mission and Vision

Our purpose is to support the rising presence of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Our mission is to foster meaningful relationships built on trust and respect, bringing together Indigenous and corporate communities in Canada to create shared value. 

Our vision is a future where one group’s prosperity doesn’t come at the expense of another’s rights or well-being.

Our Values

Kindness is our culture. We foster a space of honesty, respect and empathy. We act with integrity in all that we do. 

Trust is built, evolves over time, and forms stable relationships; it’s the bridge between the unknown and the known. We are vulnerable, act in good faith, have each other’s best interests in mind, and trust that everyone is doing their best.  

Community and our relationships are paramount. Our tenet is “nothing about you, without you,” as we keep community front and centre. Reconciliation is relationships. It is the coming together of our systems, institutions, and organizations, creating a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

Courage to speak and act – even when it may be uncomfortable. We give to each other as we stand together in Reconciliation. We have agency to be, and ownership to do while staying true to ourselves. 

Shared Value is understanding our own unique values and those of others. We collaborate to create sustainable, shared value. Shared value is what connects us and supports the creation of equitable and inclusive outcomes.  

Knowledge is a gift that we receive and share. Reflected in the Seven Sacred Teachings, “to cherish knowledge is to know wisdom” and it is with gratitude that we listen, build and share knowledge.