Rise Learning and Development Program

Knowledge is a gift that we receive and share. Of our seven sacred teachings, “to cherish knowledge is to know wisdom”, it is with gratitude that we listen, build and share knowledge.  

Are you interested in learning more about Truth and Reconciliation? Sharing knowledge is a big part of what we do every day at Rise – whether it’s through our Rise Learning and Development Program, a keynote address, participation on a panel discussion, or sharing ideas through a media interview, we enjoy sharing knowledge and inspiration, sparking ideas and evoking action that leads to a positive impact with advancing Truth, Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion across Turtle Island. 

Rise Learning and Development Program 

The Rise Learning and Development Program offers participants an opportunity to experience a variety of Truth and Reconciliation topics. Each session is designed to run between 60 minutes and three-hours, topic depending. Throughout each learning session, participants will actively engage in a variety of small and large group activities, in plenary dialogue, as well as record learnings in their learning resource guide. Experiential development will be supported by the Rise ‘Nine-ways’ program, with further learning and activities provided to participants to ensure that learning does not stop in the classroom.

Learning and Development Program Principles

In today’s dynamic workplace, employees and leaders will be better able to practice Reconciliation when supported by the continual growth and learning of the organization. An important part of Reconciliation is Truth. A learning and development program that centers Truth-sharing, along with integrating Indigenous cultural awareness, appreciation and understanding will lead to move inclusive workplaces. 

At Rise, we look to the 70-20-10 Model for learning and development. This model was developed through research at the Creative Center for Leadership, suggesting that a learner needs experience, exposure and education to grow (“3E Model”). Behaviour change is emphasized, through experiential learning or ‘learning by doing’.

The 3E Model is, however, a western-centric learning and development concept. Rise also identifies the opportunities for Two-Eyed Seeing into any learning and development approach. As highlighted by Elder Dr. Albert Marshall, we embrace learning from multiple perspectives, in sharing stories with each other and listening to bring together these perspectives. 

Two-Eyed Seeing is a behaviour that is nurtured over time. Incorporating Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing into a learning and development program will help to shift behaviour of all employees. 

Learning and Development Program Delivery Options

Our Rise Learning and Development sessions are available through multiple modalities, including: 

  • Live, in-person sessions. Education and development delivered face-to-face.
  • Live online sessions. Dynamic education and development, available online from any location, using online tools to support learning.
  • On-demand content. Content is available to your organization, anytime and anywhere.

Learning and Development Program Components:

  • Participant Prompt, for short reflection activities and self-study material ahead of the session
  • Learning Resource Guide to capture learning moments throughout the session
  • Nine-ways activity to reinforce learning through bite-sized learning content, reflection questions and discussion activities to be completed within the month following the training session

Rise Learning and Development Program: Foundations

Session NameDuration 
Rise Foundational Knowledge Building Session3 hours 
History of Indigenous People Session2 hours 
Métis Culture and History Session1 hour 
First Nations and Inuit Session1 hour 
Indian Act Session1 hour 
Why Reconciliation Session1 hour 
Truth, Reconciliation and our Path Forward Session1 hour 
Economic Reconciliation Session1 hour
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Session1 hour 
Creating and Sharing Meaningful Land Acknowledgments Workshop1.5 hours 
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Session1 hour
Sustainability and ESG Session1 hour
UNDRIP Session1 hour
Consultation Session1 hour

Rise Learning and Development Program: Decolonizing

Session NameDuration 
Community Engagement Best Practices Session2 hours 
Decolonizing HR Workshop1.5 hours 
Inclusive Leadership and Reconciliation Session1.5 hours 
Decolonized Language WorkshopTwo x 1 hour workshops with an activity in between
Creating a Reconciliation Action Plan Workshop1.5 hours 

Rise Learning and Development Program: Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business Progressive Aboriginal Relations Program 

Session NameDuration 
CCAB PAR Phase I Leadership Training Session1 hour 

If you don’t see the topic you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We custom curate and create bespoke training sessions for our clients often and we look forward to a conversation.