Sustainability Statement

Our vision is a future where one group’s prosperity doesn’t come at the expense of another’s rights or well-being. The link to the definition of sustainable development is intentional: development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This statement aligns with our values and guides how we make decisions and act with our clients, team members and the communities where we live, as well as the communities where we have an impact.

We know – and value – the interconnectedness of the social, environmental and economic dimensions that contribute to a sustainable future. The concept of a three-legged stool applies to everything we do. It aligns with our mission to foster meaningful relationships built on trust and respect, bringing together Indigenous and corporate communities in Canada to create shared value. Although our focus is primarily on the social component, by supporting the rising presence of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, the environmental and economic components are front and center as well. We know from experience and evidence that Indigenous inclusion brings positive impacts to our environment and economy.

At Rise, we operationalize our commitment to sustainability and the three-legged stool concept, by taking a triple bottom line approach to our company. We do this by investing directly into our people, our planet and our prosperity.