Setting Up for Sustainable Change

Rise co-creates and conducts activities and processes to advance Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion. Successful programs and initiatives rely on a dynamic connection of people, processes and tools that keep momentum and focus to support the rising presence of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 

Recognizing the unique opportunities faced by every organization and community, we are committed to exploring how best we can assist and enable success for sustainable change.

We can help with: 

  • Reconciliation action planning
  • Strategic planning to set direction and guide efforts 
  • Work plan creation to guide actions and tactical implementation 
  • Goal and target setting to envision the future and focus efforts 
  • KPI, and metric development to measure, and manage performance 
  • Program governance and operating structures to formalize and guide roles and responsibilities 
  • Training and guidance sessions and resource materials to inform, engage and inspire action 
  • Policies and procedures to reinforce commitments and leading practices 
  • Measurement and reporting systems, processes, and tools to make data-informed decisions 
  • Assessments and internal audits to understand, evaluate and continuously improve 
  • Enterprise risk management to protect, enhance and create value for the organization 
  • Communication to enable proactive engagement, awareness, interest, and inspiration 
  • Engagement Plans and support to drive sustainable outcomes and impact 
  • Market research to compare, learn and grow 
  • Program management to plan, coordinate, guide, resolve, and build trust 

How this advances Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion in our everyday: 

  • Breaking down the implementation of Reconciliation into actionable steps
  • Committing to a timeline and identification of who is taking responsibility for each step
  • Establishing and nurturing respectful relationships