Speaking Engagements

Our team actively contributes to discussions and learning events to advance Reconciliation. We focus on strengthening relations between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and charting pathways to improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on a societal level. 

We value opportunities to share and build knowledge and are grateful to contribute to the conversation on Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion at the foundation of our organization. 

Annie Korver and Erin Davis in conversation about Indigenous inclusion in the workplace at the Human Movement, September 2022
Annie Korver sharing knowledge about advancing Truth and Reconciliation at the Vancouver Regional Construction Association Conference, May 2022

Speaking Engagements

With a team of experienced speakers, we present at multiple events annually, to audiences ranging in size from 5-1,000. We welcome the opportunity to share knowledge in Truth and Reconciliation, including Indigenous history and culture, economic Reconciliation, and more. We also share in any of our Areas of Practice

From a keynote address, participation on a panel, moderating a panel, leading a workshop, participating in a media interview or a fireside chat with a member of your team or community, connect with us and we’ll brainstorm an approach that works to meet your objectives.

Past Speaking Engagements

2023 CPA ESG Symposium

In recent years, gender diversity on boards has been a hot topic of discussion and research has shown the importance of diverse voices on boards and their influence on organizational performance and decision-making. Following an overview or recent research findings conducted in partnership with DirectHer Network and Mount Royal University that fills the gap in previous research, Annie Korver participated in a conversation about the front end of the board talent pipeline to high highlight her board experience, aspirations, barriers, and training needed for board work.

2023 Forward Summit West

During a roundtable at the 2023 Forward Summit West, Annie Korver facilitated a discussion surrounding the biggest issues HR departments are facing in hiring Indigenous Peoples. The roundtable shared knowledge about the biggest barriers for Indigenous peoples to overcome when entering or advancing in the workforce and how companies can focus on retention.

Indigenous Business: Its Role in Canada’s Economy

Hosted by Smith Alumni Chapters Calgary and Vancouver, former colleague Gillian Hynes joined a panel to discuss Indigenous Business and its role in Canada’s Economy; recent actions to unlock capital for Indigenous groups, communities and businesses have resulted in a future for Canada’s economy which invites Indigenous expertise, participation and partnership were all tabled.

2022 Report to the Community: Embracing our future together

2022 Calgary Economic Development Report to the Community Embracing our Future Together panel discussion with former colleague Gillian Hynes, Spirit River Striped Wolf, Allison Dunne and Luke Azevedo on April 28, 2022.

Speaker for the MSc Program in Sustainability Management

As a visiting speaker for the MSc Program in Sustainability Management, Maya Douglas offered an overview of emerging topics and invited students to explore where and how Indigenous Reconciliation and Inclusion underpins sustainability and ESG.

Indigenous Inclusion with The HR Hub Podcast

Former colleague Gillian Hynes joined Andrea Adams on The HR Hub podcast on March 29, 2022 to discuss Indigenous Inclusion and what HR can do.

Moving the Needle: Advancing Gender Representation in Board Leadership

Moving the Needle: Advancing Gender Representation in Board Leadership with Annie Korver, Chantel Cabaj, Cody Slater and CBC’s Nancy Carlson as part of the YWCA Power lunch series with DIrectHer on March 10, 2022.

Indigenous Reconciliation and DEI

Former colleague Gillian Hynes joined Andrea Adams on the HR ShopTalk podcast on March 1, 2022 to discuss Reconciliation and DEI.

Taking The First Step, A Path Toward Inclusion And Reconciliation

Taking The First Step, A Path Toward Inclusion And Reconciliation. Annie Korver joined Hailey Taskey on the Lloyd Saad The Right Side of Risk Podcast on November 9, 2021.

Exploring Career Readiness with an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Lens (Webinar)

Exploring Career Readiness with an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens. Former colleague Gillian Hynes joined the McGraw Hill Thriving in Today’s Changing Education Landscape event on October 7, 2021.

Annie Korver – Truth, Reconciliation and Our Path Forward

Annie Korver joined Jeff Tetz, CEO at Results, on the Unleashed podcast on September 30, 2021, to discuss Truth, Reconciliation and Our Way Forward.

What Does Indigenous Reconciliation in CRE Look Like?

What Does Indigenous Reconciliation in Commercial Real Estate Look Like? Annie Korver joined REALPAC’s CEO, Michael Brooks, on July 22, 2021 on the REALtalk podcast.

CFAR Society – Interview with Annie Korver

Circle for Aboriginal Relations (CFAR) March 26, 2021 interview blog post with CFAR Member, Annie Korver.

A Commitment to Building Knowledge

Young Women in Energy March 22, 2021 blog post: A Commitment to Building Knowledge by Annie Korver.

Celebrating Alberta’s Powerful Women Leaders

Annie Korver joined Brittany Brander and Alicia Planincic with the Business Council of Alberta’s International Women’s Day podcast series to celebrate Alberta’s Powerful Women Leaders on March 8, 2021.

Raise Her Up: Annie Korver

March 8, 2021 Poppy Barley and DirectHer International Women’s Day Collection, featuring Annie Korver.

Canadian Energy Centre’s October 29, 2020 article

Indigenous Inclusion and Economic Development Practitioner Sees ‘Truly Big’ Opportunity in Oil and Gas, features Annie Korver.