We offer a variety of strategies, tactics, and tools to design and foster an inclusive work environment where Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous people feel valued and have a sense of belonging.

Our relevant strengths include knowledge and experience in: 

  • Human resource strategy and operations 
  • Performance management 
  • Cross-cultural awareness 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
  • Organizational culture 
  • Organizational development 
  • Talent acquisition and management 

With a focus on Reconciliation, our practitioners can assist with: 

  • Developing leadership and enhancing governance 
  • Increasing attraction and recruitment
  • Facilitating learning and development
  • Improving engagement, growth, and retention
  • Leadership coaching and development 
  • Employee, leadership, and Board of Directors training sessions and programs 

How this advances Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion in our everyday: 

  • Attraction, recruitment, and retention to increase Indigenous employees 
  • Capacity building through training-to-employment scholarship, mentorship, and internship programs 
  • Health and wellness programs informed by Indigenous culture and traditions 
  • Indigenous inclusion in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs