Community Relations

We support meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities. This includes sharing knowledge and supporting organizations as they develop and hold relationships. Our Rise principle of “nothing about you, without you,” guides our efforts to build and maintain mutually trusted and respectful relationships with communities, businesses, and organizations.

Our relevant strengths include knowledge and experience in: 

  • Community engagement
  • Community investment 
  • Project consultation 

With a focus on Reconciliation, our practitioners can assist with: 

  • Identifying Indigenous communities 
  • Building knowledge about the history of Indigenous communities 
  • Developing and implementing community engagement plans  
  • Developing and utilizing protocol guides 
  • Developing community investment programs and frameworks  
  • Developing guiding documents or long-term agreements 
  • Refining or developing communication tools 

How this advances Reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion in our everyday: 

  • Intentional and respectful relationships
  • Purposeful and proactive engagement 
  • Co-creation and collaboration 
  • Donations or sponsorship informed by the interests and priorities of Indigenous communities, guided by the values of organizations