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Rad podcast alert! Join our Director and Reconciliation Practitioner, Gillian Hynes MBA, CPHR and host of The HR Hub Podcast Andrea Adams, MPA in part three of their discussion on Reconciliation and Inclusion in the workplace. Together they explore how decolonization is about inclusion and Truth through Reconciliation and relationships, along with dismantling colonial practices in HR such as time off and healthcare benefits and how decolonizing HR practices benefits all. Listen to or watch the podcast at the links below and reach out to us at Rise Consulting any time, to continue the dialogue.

Decolonization is a process of unlearning colonial biases or ideologies. In this case, as we talk about Reconciliation, these biases inhibit Indigenous perspectives and ways of life. It starts with us as HR professionals, as leaders, as people in the workplace – where we rethink biases that have been formed.

Gillian Hynes, Director, Reconciliation, Inclusion and Strategy

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